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factory NSX clutches have been discontinued, but we have options!

19 January 2001
Chandler, AZ
Although the factory Honda clutch has been discontinued, we've imported several clutches from Honda in Japan with very limited availability. These costs are all inclusive - no extra brokerage / duties from importing from outside the USA.

We have you covered with clutch and flywheel packages from factory power to forced induction power. Check out our line up here:

Sport 275 Clutch & Flywheel:

More than 500 of our Sport series clutches are in NSXes worldwide (565 to be exact!) The Sport 275 is the closest to the factory clutch (it even uses the same pressure plate from the same OEM in Japan as the later model NSX!) and is our top seller. The ScienceofSpeed Sport 275 Clutch & Flywheel Kit is the ultimate clutch and flywheel package for the factory powered or moderately modified street and track driven NSX. The Sport 275 Clutch & Flywheel Kit offers factory like drivability (smooth engagement & light pedal pressure) with a performance edge - all at a very affordable price. This clutch is plug and play for all NSX years.

Exedy Twin Organic Clutch & Flywheel

Exedy was the OEM manufacture for the NSX 1991-96 clutch. The Exedy Twin Organic 425 Clutch & Flywheel is a "beefed up" version of the factory clutch. It features a smooth engagement with a slightly heavier pedal pressure than factory due to the increased clamp load. This clutch is perfectly fine for the stock powered car, or forced induction car - and supports up to 425 lb/ft of torque. This clutch is plug-and-play for 1991-96 5-spd NSX, and can be installed in 6-spd transmissions by converting the input shaft to the NSX-R 6-spd shaft (a service ScienceofSpeed offers).

clutch install tip 1: Did you know we commonly see the factory clutch fork dust boot removed, or broken off the NSXes we service? This is an important piece that seems like it gets neglected by some technicians. The boot is important to keep in place as it keeps moisture and debris out of the bell housing - important for keeping the grease in place to do it's job! Make sure your NSX has this today & make sure your tech reinstalls your boot after he installs the clutch & transmission! These are discontinued, but we have a replacement in stock!

ScienceofSpeed Sport 275 Clutch & Flywheel:

Exedy Twin Organic 425 Clutch & Flywheel:

ScienceofSpeed Clutch Fork Boot:
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