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Final Run before Hibernation

22 June 2008
Dim-sum, Bear Mountain, City Island or Mt Fuji? Sundays are great for me and would be nice to wrap the year up this way for old time sake.


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Dynamic! I don't care...all of the above is fine with me! Let's make something happen soon before the weather gets nasty...I've been laying low all summer and miss rolling with the Prime crew! Count me in for a Sunday run wherever I just want to chill with all you guys again one last time before we park for the winter! I've been looking at pics from our previous runs all over NY/NJ at all of the events and we need to close out the season with a bang! Let me know and hopefully other Prime members chime in!!!
Don't know about others, but some of the best driving season yet to come, October foliage, moderate temps, = beautiful drives!!! I'll put it away in mid-November!!!:eek:
Mine runs all year as well. :) Bear Mt foilage in October should be good in two week I think so how about Sunday 10/14?

I was talking to Bailey about picking a date for Bear Mt drive earlier today...:)
hello girls...
how bout a november 'stock........?:eek:

oct is fughd 4 me...nola in 10days, then kw fer halloween.
How about we join roger for the 14th than a bear mountain run for the 21st?
Mount Fuji!!!!!!!!

"Yeah, we know why you want that run .............. to maybe re-live another time & place?"

I'm in, just firm up the date. Mine's been covered for two weeks, it's time for a meet.
yay.bannana boy....................:eek:
21st is probably better...don't think the trees are turning color yet. 14th for the scarsdale concours sound good.
just getting back to the States
late Oct i am in or Nov
who ever goes this weekend ENJOY the ride
I vote 10/21/12, chime in so we can make it final, also nothing for this upcoming weekend due to inclement weather as per iphone 5 chart.
I'm proud to say that we have spelled bannana 3 different ways in one thread.