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New Owner, Old Caretaker

30 April 2023
Hi Everyone,
Wanted to introduce myself and say thanks! I've been a long time lurker on Prime, and have grown to truly appreciate the knowledge and passion that everyone shares for these amazing machines. I hope that I can make some meaningful contributions to the group in the future to give back to all that I have learned from.
Thank you!

My journey started when my father took delivery of this Sebring beauty back in '91. I remember him telling me once he had decided he wanted an NSX, that it was a bit of a hunt to find one in silver as apposed to black or red. I have many fond memories going on drives with my dad. Especially once when we had a chance run in with another local NSX and had spirited run through a stretch of town. As I became of driving age a few years after the purchase, I knew I had to get in the drivers seat. I was extremely fortunate that my dad was willing to teach me how to drive standard in it. Looking back, it is honestly a great car to learn on with such a smooth and forgiving clutch. The one down side to learning on the NSX was that it has forever ruined me as to how a good manual should shift! I was hooked! From that point on my dad rarely ever had to wash or wax the car as I would do whatever was need to get back behind the wheel. Over the years even after leaving the house I always found time to make more memories with the NSX. I even managed to propose to my wife in the car.

The bitter sweet part of the journey happened in 2018 when we suddenly lost my dad. The NSX took a back seat while I helped with other family duties. It took a while, but I worked out a plan to purchase the NSX and keep it in the family. I hope to continue to make new memories with my family while honoring the ones I made with my father.
So far I plan on catching up on maintenance items that need to be addressed and maybe making a few changes along the way.



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Awesome story and sorry to hear about your dad. However, it sounds like you have a lot of memories of him and the car. Cherish those forever.

It's great that you're able to keep it in the family. Looks like there is another care-taker in training from one of your photos.

Some artifacts from the glovebox archives.


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touching story
sorry for your loss. hopefully as you continue to engage and enjoy ownership of this cherished car you will remember fondly your father and the memories you both shared.
So good to see an NSX passed on to a family member who really wants and will care for it. The perfect life for an NSX is to be a beloved member of the family.
Being the steward of one of these fantastic machines is already its own reward, but being the legacy owner of an NSX has to only enhance that experience.

Welcome, and I hope you become a frequent contributor to NSX Prime....you are indeed among friends!
Thank you to everyone for the kind words.
I am really enjoying taking a deeper dive into NSX maintenance. I just sent of the instrument cluster to BrianK and the fuel injectors were shipped out to RC Fuel Injection for cleaning. Round one of also parts ordered from Amayama. I'll probably start a build thread to detail the work.