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Finding original NSX keys?

11 October 2001
Daytona Beach, FL
Hello all,

I have a 91 NSX and the guy i bought it from did not have the original "titaniam" key. It has turned out to be harder to find than I thought. Anyone know where I can get a blank one?

Thanks in advance.

Cory Patterson
i belive you can not get the titanium key anymore but you can get the key that says nsx on it

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the titanium key is still very much available at your local dealer....

Todd Arnold

The new ones (since '97) don't come with the faux-titanium key because the immobilizer system requires a chip that's built into the key.

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You sure about that? I remember when I moved, the Dallas gang chipped in and got me one. Tracy Townsend had to pull teeth I heard to find one...
I just got another one from my store about 2 months ago with no hesitation. I called, talked to my parts guy, told him my key code, and he sent me the key within a day or so. He made no indication that it was a hard to find item or that he was running low.

Todd Arnold

The part number is 35113-SL0-A11.

Some places have a tough time cutting the key because it is such a hard metal. Maybe that's why some places are reluctant to sell them...?