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finding zymol/zaino NOW

19 December 2001
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SOB...im needing to do my first treatment after three months and cant find this stuff anywhere. checked the faqs and the only zymol dealers showing up, one two hours away-dead website and one kc--deadwebsite. checked the zymol cleanerwax and yes this turtle-zymol is made in chicago.

does everybody order direct or any recommendations of retailers i can go get off the shelf???

please advise....(or should i just use the zymol cleaner wax from wallyworld.
Opinions vary, as we've seen in other threads. I think Zymol works the best and has many advantages over Zaino, as have been previously elaborated here. One of them is that I can walk into a store in my area and buy it.

If that's not the case where you live, you have several choices. You can order Zymol direct or from a place like Emmons Coachworks on Monday, and you'll receive it Tuesday or Wednesday. Or you can go to your local auto parts store and get detailing supplies by Meguiar's or 3M, which have complete lines of quality detailing products that will give you excellent results. Or you can e-mail Sal and wait for his local salesman to get back to you.
Originally posted by huckster:
(or should i just use the zymol cleaner wax from wallyworld.

I wouldn't.

The key to outstanding results in car detailing is using separate products for washing, cleaning/polishing, and waxing. I recommend against one-step products like the cleaner-wax.

Here are the steps to completely detail your car:

1. Wash the car using a product designed for washing cars, such as Meguiar's Gold Class Car Wash Liquid.

2. If the surface then feels anything other than ultra-smooth to the touch, you might want to try a clay product at this point. Every major brand line has a clay product.

3. Use a mild cleaner/polish such as Zymol HD-Cleanse, 3M Perfect-It Hand Glaze (NOT their Imperial Glaze), or Meguiar's #7 Show Car Glaze.

4. Apply a protectant coat of wax such as Zymol NSX, Zymol Japon, 3M paste wax, Meguiar's #16 wax, Meguiar's yellow paste wax, etc.

You should be able to find either 3M or Meguiar's products at any well-equipped auto parts store as well as at Target, Wal-Mart, etc. Even on Sunday.
Why not just buy it from something like autosupermart.com. Do a search on Yahoo and you will find lots of Zymol dealers.
I have found the 3M products ONLY at Napa Auto Parts. Here on the west coast we have the Napa chain. Not sure if this true where you live.

Sold on 3M Products. IMO $ for $ it is the best you can buy.

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Originally posted by NSX4U2:
I have found the 3M products ONLY at Napa Auto Parts. Here on the west coast we have the Napa chain. Not sure if this true where you live.

3M products are available nationwide, primarily at auto parts stores rather than the mass merchandisers like Target. I believe NAPA is nationwide (despite the name). In the Midwest, 3M products are available at NAPA stores. They had also been available at Trak Auto stores before they went out of business.

Meguiar's products are also very good and may be a bit easier to find than 3M's.
I have used everytype of wax/polish there is. From my M3's to my black nsx. The other day i ordered the entire kit from Zaino and man, this stuff is hands down the best product ihave ever used! Cheaper and WAY easier to use than zymol. I mean, owning a black car is hard enough, but being as anal about how it looks is harder. The zaino stuff was simply amazing. I pulled the car into my shop (white floors, walls and more light than a tanning booth) and man the before and after of the paint, esspecially small swirl marks was short of amazing. I have always had a very clean and nice looking car, but under my shop lights, black will make you cringe. Not any longer. I highly recommend it!

Just my opinion.

Zaino IS amazing, isn't it?

Although I used it before on my cars, I really became enamored with it on my first NSX, a black car with its share of swirl marks.

Awesome product. It's worth the slight additional effort or wait to get obtain it.

It's kinda like the NSX...sure there are other cars that might be more readily available...but some things are worth it.


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