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first mod!!!

19 January 2003
Okay, it won't make my car any faster, handle better, etc... but it sure will make life just that much better....

Still reading??? okay...

The mod was to make the parking lights flash when I press the factory alarm remote control lock/unlock button. The instructions in the faq (http://www.nsxprime.com/FAQ/DIY/nsx-keyless-relay-mod.pdf) are awesome.

I'm really pleased with this mod as it was frustrating to regularly double check whether the doors were locked (e.g., walking away from the car and then realizing that I wasn't sure whether the doors were locked because there was no beep/light flash as I've become accustomed to). This provides the visual confirmation that was lacking! Thanks so much to David Dozier.

Total cost: $15.
Total time: Not including 2 trips to Radio Shack, less than 90 minutes of actual work, which included a fair bit of time getting the glove box out and once I had made the wiring connections, one of the wires wasn't fully secured in the t-tap, so that took a little time to find. Anyway, doesn't take long and is well worth it (IMO).

Awesome....This will be my FIRST MOD with my HIDs when they come in..Thanks

Thanks for this tutorial! This is probably my best mod next to HID's. took less than 20 mins to install, including putting the glove box back in.
Has anyone ever commented on what year NSX these instructions are good up to? In the first paragraph it says the vehicle being worked on is an '92 but they should work for all years. They aren't viable for my '00. I ended up using two relays and a different procedure to flash ALL the parking lights, not just the tailights or the headlights (which is kinda silly with the pop-ups imo). Just curious if anyone else has had any trouble. :smile: