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First S.A.W. Thursday. April 26. 5:30pm

26 September 2003
The first location will be Kubo. This place is located near Rice university. We will try this place out and a couple of other places.
Please post if you will be able to make it.

1. Matt_337
Man! Wish I was down in H-Town Still, nice to see that you guys are still hanging
out / meeting often... Maybe I'll work a business trip in down there so that I can
make it to one of your Thursday evening events with a cruise over the weekend!
Personally, I wasn't a fan of the ambience in the place but the price was not bad for the happy hour items. It wasn't crowded so we should be able to get a table any time we want to meet there. The cons include driving down Kirby. That road is the worst as far as pot holes and such are concerned.
In any case, thanks to all that came out. The next one will be in a couple of weeks but this time it will be at Twin Peaks. We'll still call it S.A.W. though (just need to figure out a word for that S that applies over there).
It was supposed to be last week but I had a previous engagement. And this week, I am heading off to San Fran on Thursday.
I am thinking May 31 for the next one. Will be at Twin Peaks.