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Fixer Upper on ebay

When you see a car that supposedly needs only $2500 in parts plus some labor to be fixed, don't you wonder why the owner doesn't have it repaired properly before selling it? I sure do...
Yea, and after my dissapointment to become aware of the ability to "clear" a title or records of a car at D.M.V thru workers at D.M.V. for 250.00 anything could be the case....

Originally posted by MYNSX:
Yea, and after my dissapointment to become aware of the ability to "clear" a title or records of a car at D.M.V thru workers at D.M.V. for 250.00 anything could be the case....

Carfax? I really doubt this car was totalled - on a '99 the damage would have to be over 35-40 grand before they would totall it and nothing in the photos suggests that much damage to me. Carfax doesn't generally show ACCIDENTS, it showed TITLE issues. A few places record accidents with police reports to the title but that is the exception, not the rule.

However, I think the repair estimate from the seller is low. I think the front end damage is worse than the seller may be expecting - at a minimum the front subframe appears to be bent.

You could probably bandaid the car back together for around the sellers estimate of $3500 parts + $3500 labor, especially if you got some used parts (nothing wrong with that). But to put this car back to pre-accident condition using NEW parts will certainly cost twice that or more.

Most of the other damage on the car is trivial. Scratches or dings in the paint, etc. Sure you would want to fix it, but if you're doing a bunch of paint work anyway for the front end it's not going to be too big an expense.

Like SCS2k said - the car is a "fixer upper" and the seller does not appear to be trying to hide anything. He sent me a link to the other photos (I assume the same ones ck mentioned) as soon as I e-mailed and asked. I do think the seller is either estimating the minimum to make the car look decent and run again, or is underestimating the cost to make it like it was before the accident, but maybe I'm off base too, especially since I haven't actually seen the car or looked under the hood.

Here are the other photos:

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I live very close to HAP. (the company selling the car.) If anybody is REALLY interested in the car I can check it out..I also have access to a digital camera.

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You hit the nail on the head. I bet there is crumpling in the front end frame. Check the left bumper mount in the photos and imagine where all the collision energy went. The damage may involve overall frame distortion which means striping the car and taking it to the frame straighteners. $$$

If the car goes for <$40K and clean title, it would be a decent project.
I went and looked at this for a fellow poster/reader.

I have more pictures, please private me if you have extra web space to post.

What I was told:

Previous owner hit what appears to be a curb. Since he owns a dealership and could drive a new NSX, it did not make sense to fix this one.

There appears to be some frame damage (to what extent I could not assess.)

What I noticed:

The hood although latched does not line up. I noticed the front crossmember is pushed down and back....this is also attached to a vertical crossmember...(see that silver canister in the previous images) this is where the hood latches....now if the bottom cross member was pushed down this would also "pull" the vertical crossmember down in addition this would cause the hood to be pulled down. I would assess the frame to be bent thereby causing one side of the hood to be higher.

There was a minor door ding directly below the drivers mirror however it is ABOVE the body lines for the intake

The interior had a lot of scuff marks from shoes (I would assume from getting in and out) it is also missing the drivers door sill. The car was smoked in..infact the ashtray was full. Nothing detailing couldn't fix...engine bay needed a lot of TLC....again nothing Simple Green couldn't take care of.

Brian, "ub2slw" is the man!

Thank you so much for your help!

If you need anything, I will do my best to help you out as well.