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Fixing the chin spoiler

15 December 2000
My stock chin spoiler has a bunch of scratches on it. My question is, has anyone attemted to sand the sctatches out? Is there any other way to fix it, so it doesn't look so bad? I can't see myself forkin' out $240.00 for a new one. Thanks.
I thought the chin spoiler costs only about half that amount. And why bother sanding when you can have a brand new one for only around a C-note or so?
Yea the factory black spoiler should cost approx $95.00 thats what i paid .Thats about what I expected to pay too.I definatly would not shop where you went .Maybe they were going to give you the whole front end.LOL.or maybe they thought you broke a window.ha ha.

I actually called three dealers in my area. They were all in that price range. BTW that is in cdn funds. What a rip.
Originally posted by Dman:
I wish I could but the exchange is just too much. $i00.00 US funds is like a million Canadian.

If $100.00 U.S. funds is like a million Canadian, then that spoiler that's costing you $240.00 Canadian would be... 2.4 cents in U.S. funds. Sounds like a great deal for a chin spoiler.