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For sale Technomagnesio wheels 17/18

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18 June 2018
I’m going to sell a set of Technomagnesio wheels 17/18 8/10inch.
I have taken the wheels to my local powder coater to get stripped and powder coated. They are currently stripped and ready for power coating.
I’m planning on having them powder coated white. Since I’m going to sell them at this point I’m going to give the option to the buyer to either choose a color or take them stripped and have them coated themselves.
I’m asking $1700 stripped $2200 powder coated any color.
These are super rare OG wheels in optimal sizes for stock bodied NSX’s.
These wheels where built for the NSX back in the day, so no spacers or centering rings are needed. They were designed to clear brembos as well.
Please call or text at (530)999-8756

Suggest painting them instead, I would have reservations about powder coating magnesium wheels. Miss mine, GLWS
Thank you for the insight that’s exactly why I’m giving the option to a buyer to pick how they would like to buy the wheels.
My powder coater told me it is more challenging to do magnesium wheels and or valve covers as they off gas in the oven and can bubble the coating if not done properly. The solution is sitting in the oven for hours allowing the wheels or magnesium parts to off gas first before coating them.
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