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Fresh powder coat

4 June 2011
St. Louis area
My '92 had the '94-'01 wheels when I bought it, and they'd seen better days. Just had them stripped, some curb rash repaired, and a couple of very minor bends straightened out. Then they were powder coat primed, color coated and clear coated. They're freaking gorgeous, wish I'd done it sooner. The color is just slightly darker than the original gunmetal-ish Solaris Silver. They came out so nice that I just ordered new lug nuts and center caps.


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$660/set. Painted would have been about $400. AND the guy picked them up at my shop early one morning and returned them late the next day. Awesome work, awesome service and a fair price. This was the Midwest franchise but they're nationwide I believe. http://awrsmidwest.com/
Thanks! They look brand new and the finish should be really durable. Can't wait to get them reinstalled.
Wow! They turned out Great! Congrats! Looking forward to the pics...
Will do - waiting on a pair of tires.
Here are the pics. Yellow center caps came with the car - looking for OEMs now.


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lol look like stock ITR wheels now, get some JDM H ITR caps or USDM A ones so will match color
Very Nice!, that looks to be a great winter project when new tires are needed.
Can provide the color formula?
In my opinion, this is a better solution than after market rims. (but that is just me)
Congratulations on doing it right.
Thanks Warren! The wheels had a cheap silver repaint when I got the car and the original color was visible where some of that had flaked off. I had them try to match that, plus I provided a couple of pics of what I was looking for, with instructions to "err to the dark side". I think they nailed it, love the color but I have no idea what the reference is. The caps have to go though - just looking for the right thing.