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Front Compartment passthru to Interior(driving lights)

25 February 2000
Cincinnati, OH
I need some advice. What is the easiest way to get a wire from the front compartment to the interior compartment. I am installing PIAA 1000x driving lights and I need to get the On/off switch wire into the interior of the car. Is their any routes easier than others? Also I could use some advice on hooking into the fuse box on the drivers side, the hot needs to be on in ACC1 and I need a good place to put the ground. Any suggestions would be appreciated - Thanks Walter
It's pretty easy to get the wire from the interior compartment to front compartment. Just pass thru one of the rubber grommet that they use to pass some of their wires. As hooking it to the fuse box, u can probably use cigarette lighter lead wire for ACC1. Ground is better put in the front compartment as I did on my car.


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I ran the wire through the passengers side footwell, alot easier then the drivers side. There are a couple rubber grommets above the speaker. Tape your wire to a clothes hanger and carefully shove it through, then using the same clothes hanger run it to the drivers side behind the center counsel. Can't remeber which fuse I used, it was in the service manual. I put the ground under the front hood.