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Front electric motors engage timing issue on the 2017-2018?

15 June 2002
Palm Beach Florida
Looking to buy my 5th NSX but first gen 2.

In an Edmunds review (Below) starting at the 12 min mark he says the electric motors engage a bit prematurely in the front when you give the car gas. He said it makes for a weird transition. Is this true on the 17-18's? Can it feel jerky or lurchy on throttle transition?

The electrics do kick in first. And before the engine, but that's kind of the point to fill in the off idle torque before the turbos kick in. It is why the electric motors are there. If you are used to the turbo lag from a turbo engine and expect that it could surprise you, it launches very much like an electric car. My other car is an EV so I actually like it.

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