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Exterior Front end body parts 1991~1995 NSX

2 March 2000
Toronto, Canada
Front end body parts 1991~1995 NSX - Updated List
Unless noted otherwise, all parts are in perfect shape except they are not new – 9/10.
If damaged, I will state the imperfections.
Most of these parts are large and need to be picked up in Toronto, Canada
I can ship the smaller parts at your cost.
All prices quoted are $ US. Add approximately 33% more for Canadian paper. Most of these parts are discontinued and hard to find.

Please visit a website such as https://www.acurapartswarehouse.com/acura-nsx-parts.html and enter the part numbers listed below to see what you're purchasing.

1. Red Hood (Part Number: 60100-SL0-000ZZ) $1,100
2. Right & left Hood Hinges (Part Number: 60120-SL0-010). $75 each
3. Hood Lock Assembly - Part of front clip (Part Number: 74120-SL0-A01). $250
4. Silver Driver Side quarter panel – ¾” indent size of a fist. $300
5. Headlight Assembly R (33100-SL0-A04) includes red light cover (Part # 76120-SL0-A00ZZ). $500
6. Retractable Headlight Housing – Right side, (76101-SL0-A03) or Left side (76131-SL0-A02) $300 each side
7. Headlight Motor Assembly, harness and Retractable rods 76150-SL0-A02. $300 each side
8. The complete Headlight assembly shown in the photo with the red cover includes items 6, 7 and 8. I can sell the entire assy for
. $950 instead of taking it apart.
9. Black Front bumper skin without Styrofoam Absorber – rough and needs to be painted. $180
10. Front bumper Styrofoam – damaged on driver side. $50
11. Front bumper skirt (71102-SL0-000ZZ) - has some scrapes (6/10 condition). $200
12. Front bumper beam (71130-SL0-000) $350
13. Front bumper side guard aluminum frame (71180-SL0-000) $120
14. Front tow hook - driver side only (part # 60822-SL0-000). $20
15. Condenser receiver (Part Number: 80351-SL0-A01) & bracket + other clamps & brackets to mounted to front clip frame. $200
16. TEIN tapered springs 70mm to 100mm inside diameter x 200mm tall, still in the box and never installed.
. 560 Lbs/in spring rate with 4.5 inch stroke. $120 for pair of springs.

17. Radiator support cross member lower (Part Number: 60420-SL0-300ZZ). $500
18. Bulkhead upper center frame above radiator (Part Number: 60431-SL0-300ZZ). $200
19. Frame Rails: Left (Part Number: 60900-SL0-A00ZZ) and right (Part Number: 60800-SL0-A01ZZ) including all connecting parts.
. The rails have been cut off the previous vehicle. $4,000
20. Bulkhead center stay (Part Number: 60434-SL0-300ZZ). $300

best to text me at 416-728-5615


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any more pics on the pass side fenders? dents/scratches? paint chip?

No scratches. One 1mm round paint chip on side. Another 1mm wide x 4mm long under the fold where the liner covers it up. If your mobile number ends with 6099, I sent you a video clip of the fender. If you're not ...6099, text me your number and I will share the same video (I don'y know how to upload videos)

Here's the round paint chip at the crown of the wheel, just as the fender folds under


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How about the front orange side marker? can you pm for price? Thanks Part of #23
Number 10,11,12,13
Also 17,17a

Are available


I have all the parts you're asking about. I just updated the photos last week.
Item #10 Black Bumper is shown on photos 7 & 8 from the top.
Item #11 Bumper Foam is shown on photos 9 & 10 from the top.
Item #12 Red Skirt is shown on photos 11 & 12 from the top.
Item #13 Center plate and Rubber seal is shown on photos 13 & 14 from the top.
Items #17 and 17a Frame Sides and Trim plates & rubber seals are shown in photo 21 from the top.
Do you have the front under tray available? It’s the piece under the car that connects the front lip of the bumper and the spare wheel/battery tray. Let me know. Thanks.