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Front Firewall

17 November 2002
Santa Barbara, CA, USA
I currently have the OEM 12 volt trickle charger, and connect it by lowering the passenger window and running the cable through to the connector below the glove box. I would like to run a cable from the connector through the firewall into the front of the car. I think it would be easier to connect at that point by either poping the hood or run it so that I can access it from the front somehow. Has anyone found an access point from the cabin to the front area of the vehicle? I can just ignore the current connector and just connect directly to the battery, however I was hoping to continue going through the existing circuit. It looks like CTEK sells an extension cable that will directly connect to the OEM connector under the glove box. I am probably making this way too complex.
No help on getting thru the firewall. I have the OEM charger also and agree the plug location isn’t ideal. Yet easy enough. I plug it in and lay the cord on the floor with some slack and close the door on it. No damage to the cord and the seal looks fine too. I’ve done this with others cars for years and no issues.
There is an extension CTEK (56-304) Comfort Connect Extension Cable, 8.2 Feet that I purchased on Amazon for around $12. There is also CTEK (56-531) Comfort Indicator Panel, 10.8' that I purchased for $20. The comfort Indicator Panel connects directly to the battery and is also fuse protected. It has the same connection that our internal connector has. So that is nice. What I am trying to experiment with is to hook it up directly to the battery and then have it come through the air intake at the bottom of the front bumper. It is meant to fit a cutout very much like the oem does near the glove box. I actually added that to my car. Cutting the hole was relatively easy as it is not hard material.

Anyway back to the one in front. I was thinking of drilling a small hole on the left hand side of the air intake plastic. If you look there is already a hole there where a sensor comes through and attaches to the front bumper. I was thinking I could cut the cable and fit it through a small hole and then resplice it and have a connection at the front of the car. For me it is a hassle as I need to park the car so that I am unable to open the passenger door. I have to lower the window feed the OEM connector through and then raise the window. A pain. In addition I started to cover the car to keep it dust free. What is nice is that the CTEK extension also works with our OEM connector in the car. That is why I was hoping that I could pull it through the firewall. Just inside the bumper there is a top ledge that I can use some double backed tape to adhere the connector. At least that is the idea...
Think you have a plan! Now I understand about your passenger door. Thanks for the part numbers too. I’ll look at the areas you mentioned... I’ve only raised my hood a few times. Each time everything is still there! Plugging in up front would be more convenient.

Let us know how it works.
What I want to do is have a connection in the front that does not require opening the hood. I would like to either just reach inside the front lower bumper and plug in. That as you say is the plan. I will take pics if successful.
I had some time today, so I decided to give it a try. Initially I thought I could possibly pull the cable that enters the air intake in the front. The hole was not large enough to pull the cable through (because of the fuse holder). So then I started to feel around and found that I could enter the inside by pulling back a flap of a seal. So I was able to get the cable pulled into the area needed. I then connected to the battery. I used double back tape to secure the terminal at the entrance to the lower part of the intake. Now I can have the car cover on and easily clone the and disconnect. It also shows lights that flash telling you that it is charged, needs charging , and is very low in voltage. I will post some pics.
Excellent... good to hear your plan, or slightly modified plan worked. Sounds like it will work much better for you.
Luckily I have easy access to the passenger door so probably won’t modify the OEM setup. So for those who want to keep their battery charged you can purchase this CTEK - 40-206 MXS 5.0 Fully Automatic 4.3 amp Battery Charger and Maintainer 12V (40-206) for about $80 via Amazon. Just add an extension so that it will reach the front of the car. You could just leave it inside the front bumper with the rubber cover. Half the price of OEM.
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Here are some pics. I may end up moving the connection.


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