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front lip options?

14 July 2001
new york
front spoiler options?

I am looking to put a new front spoiler on my 01 nsx.Any recommendations?Is wings west the only way to go or the most popular way to go?Any pics please. Thanks
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Advance front lip (half bumper)

Look it up on takakaira.com :biggrin:

P.S-dont know if anyone has it on this forum.. its pretty rare
Here is the GT-ONE Ripspoirer that evof575gtc is referring to:



musclesmarinara said:
I like the gt-one lip spoiler but I also like the one you got in.Is yours paintable?What is the difference in price between the two? John

the limited carbon fiber lips i have in stock are $250 plus S&H (usually $30-40 depending on location)

if you check around, NSX lips are very VERY expensive.
besides the huge price difference the other major factor is availability of the actual item being in stock. anything you buy that has to be shipped from japan will take weeks if not months and shipping is very expensive if you want it to be faster.

the lip i have is rare as well so not everyone will have it on their NSX. i have it in stock so delivery should take about a week if shipping to you is required. its paintable. but you can leave it as it is because the finish is very high quality work that was meant to be left exposed to show the carbon fiber weaves.

hope this helps