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FS: Pristine 1991 NSX (Berlina Black/Ivory) 37.6k miles, CTSC, VIN: JH4NA1153MT002945

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26 August 2003
Houston, TX
Mandatory Information
FULL VIN #:JH4NA1153MT002945
COLOR (EXT/INT): Berlina Black/Ivory
TRANSMISSION:5-speed Manual

After almost 10 years of ownership, I have decided to sell my NSX - this car has been amazing to me. It is fully optioned, nicely upgraded, needs nothing and is 100% road-ready. You will be hard pressed to find a more meticulous owner, and a car with a more documented history. I am the 5th owner, and purchased the vehicle from a fellow NSX prime member (Hearsecutor) in 2/2004 with 28,600 miles. To say the car is a garage queen is an under statement. I have a young family (2 girls, ages 3 and 13 months), and have put less than 10,000 miles on the car in 9 years; Since 10/2010, the car has only been driven ~500 miles! It needs someone that has the time to appreciate it for what it is.

I have an extremely well docummented history on this vehicle, including copies of certificates of title dating back to 1996 (I have certificates of title from Wisconsin, New Hampshire and Georgia). To summarize the car's life, this NSX was originally shipped to Reading Pennslyvania on 10/25/1991, and then moved to Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Georgia, Tennessee and finally to Houston (with me). I also have all the service history dating back to 7/24/97 through present with very extensive receipts/etc. Of note, as detailed in Carfax, the car was involved in 1 minor fender bender before my ownership - in 10/2003 in Tennessee (car had ~28,200 miles on it at the time), the car was backed into in a parking lot. The damage was to the left front area of the front bumper. As a result, the bumper cover was replaced, and re-sprayed. Before I bought the car in 2/2004, I had put it through an extensive pre-purchase inspection (PPI) by the dealer (Pye Acura in Chattanooga, TN) and it passed with flying colors (I have the dealer PPI inspection for review). I again had the bumper cover re-sprayed a few years ago, and at that time, removed the Acura logo for a cleaner appearance. I not only have a copy of the carfax which can be faxed to any interested party, but the previous owner at the time (NSX Prime member Hearsecutor) is happy to answer any questions that may arise.

From an aesthetic perspective, the car is stunning. It nevers sees rain and has lived in my garage. The exterior paint is flat out excellent (the car is polished with Zaino products regularly). The car has zero dings, scratches or scrapes. You will only find a few tiny, indiscernable rock chips on the front bumper cover. All areas seal perfectly as intended (ie: doors, hood, trunk, engine bay, etc). The ivory interior is in remakable shape (regularly cleaned/conditioned with Lexol products). There is a small sign of wear on the driver's bolster (close-up pics detail this), and the rest of the interior is near flawless. The carpeting is also in great shape, including un-exposed areas (such as under the seats, etc). The carpet is protected by a set of charcoal OEM NSX floor mats, which are also in excellent condition. Both sun visors were replaced, and are in excellent condition.

In the effort of full disclosure and having read other NSX descriptions, viewed pics and seen several cars personally over the past 10 years, here is additional interior detail that I believe is important to discuss: The steering wheel leather and shift boot are unscathed (no marks, wear, etc). The door sills, entry felt, and associated trim show no wear. All switchs show no wear marks, the metal door panels and console trim are in excellent condition (no bubbles). The winshield weather stripping is in excellent condition (no shrinkage). All displays (HVAC, radio, clock) illuminate brightly (no dimming or burn outs). All guages, warning lights, interior lights operate properly. All three pedals show minimal wear. The glove box and console liners are immaculate, as is the headliner (non-smoking interior). The entry felt is like new, all weather-stripping is supple (no tears), there is no wear on the console or door panels from "knee-rubbing", the dash is flawless, and all Bose speakers have been rebuilt (the previous owner rebuilt both doors and the sub). All glass is defect free, and the windows/rear hatch were professionally tinted at 65%. All exterior lights function properly, including all rear LED's in the spoiler.

From a mechanical perspective, there are no issues whatsoever. The transmission snap ring issue was addressed by a previous owner during 5/2000 at 18,600 miles (ring and case updated by dealer, have dealer invoice from Acura of White Bear, which is located in White Bear Lake, MN), the 90k mile service was done 1/2002 at 23,800 miles (timing belt replaced, etc. I have the dealer invoice from Pye Acura Chattanooga, TN). Since my ownership, the car has been serviced at Sterling McCall Acura (one of the local Houston dealers) and at the former Acura NSX focussed Houston performance shop AutoLogic (the former owner, Brad Able, also an NSX prime member, knows this car intimately). The engine was always a strong example (reporting a naturally aspirated 264 hp/197 lbft of torque just with headers/intake/exhaust), and in early 2007 I supercharged the car. The car was extensively tuned by Tony Palo, one of the best tuners in the country and the owner of T1Race Development in Dallas, TX (www.t1racedevelopment.com). The car generated an impressive max power 386.7hp to the wheels (I have all dyno graphs). Of note, if this current setup is not to the new owner's liking, I have all the parts necessary to return the car to naturally aspirated status. Equally important to note, this car has not been tracked under my ownership.

Performance Modifications
Comptech Supercharger (whipple charger) - both regular boost (~6psi) and high boost (~8-9psi) pulleys included (I have and will include all necessary manifold parts/etc to return the car to stock)
Upgraded Precision Turbo high impedance fuel injectors (525 CC)
Snow Performance stage 2 150 psi water/methanol injection kit with upgraded level switch (linear program based on boost pressure) and safe injection module with base program
Comptech Hi-flow UNI foam air filter (OEM Acura filter also included)
Custom ash-tray assembly gauge mounting kit including:
SPA Design microprocessor/dual guages (boost and fuel pressure gauge)
FJO wide baned Air/Fuel ratio (AFR) analysis system controller kit, dual channel
2 LEDs indicating methanol kit is active (green) and low fluid level (red)
(2) Bosch wide band oxygen sensors, second generation
Cantrell Concepts air induction system/scoop
AEM fully programmable engine management system (EMS) - 30-1002 (Stock ECU also included)
AEM fuel pressure regulator (FPR)
NGK R5671A-8 spark plugs changed regularly (every six months or as needed)
T1 Race Development Inc. Full AEM EMS Dyno Tune by Tony Palo (Dallas, TX www.t1racedevelopment.com)
RPS Performance Clutch with: 1) ultra-light billet flywheel 2) new OEM clutch master cylinder and 3) new OEM clutch slave cylinder (installed 4/2007)
DC Sports/Autlogic custom headers - DC sports T-304 mandrel bent stainless steel, equal length headers (cracking-prone flexible bellow removed and replaced with Autologic T-304 stainless steel custom fitting)
Autologic custom cat-bypass/test pipes (T-304 mandrel bent stainless steel) - OEM Acura NSX catalytic converters will be included
Taitec GT lightweight exhaust (52mm piping, 90mm polished tips, ~16lbs)
Science of Speed (SOS) EGR delete/block kit
Greddy polished aluminum catch can/oil breather tank kit to vent crankcase gases more efficiently

Brake Modifications
Stoptech slotted rotors
Stoptech stainless steel brake lines
Hawk HPS brake pads
Custom painted black NSX calipers
Dali-Racing carbon-coolers air deflectors

Tires & Wheels
Extremely rare Volk Racing CE-28N Forged Monoblock wheels, gunmetal with polished lip, 17x7.5" front and 18x9.5" rear, with matching VR carbon fiber center caps
I don't know of many other NSXs in the country that are running this setup; These are some of the lightest/strongest/best looking fully forged wheels in existence, in my opinion. They are flat out awesome.
Acura OEM 46mm wheel studs
Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3 tires (215/40/17 fronts and 275/35/18 rears)/Installed 12/2006 and have ~4,000 miles on them
Gorilla tuner lock nuts in black
Comptech 3-way adjustable sway bar kit with polyeurethane bushings (wrapped in teflon tape)

Suspension Modifications
Tein RA fully adustible coil-over suspension (height and rebound adjustments) - very comfortable sporty ride - the way the car should have come from the factory. I have had the suspension calibrated (camber/castor/toe adjustments, etc) and the car tracks perfectly at highway speed and under acceleration/braking.
Acura OEM JDM 2002 NSX Type-R front lower and top chasis reinforcement bars
Okuyama Carbing Rear shock tower/strut brace

Aestheic Modifications
Acura OEM 2002 Rear Valence (Stock 1991 Acura OEM rear valence included) - painted Berlina Black to match the car
Seibon Carbon fiber front lip
Science of Speed (SOS)/McCulloch High-intensity discharge (HID) lighting system
PIAA Super LED front turn sygnals (matches HID color perfectly)
Dali-racing-brushed chemtone finish aluminum oil cap
Dali-Racing brushed aluminium coolant tank
Dali-Racing brushed aluminum shift knob
Custom NSX-R type mesh engine cover (extremely well made cover by Houston NSX Prime member and former president of NSXCA Southwest chapter Paul Vining - thank you Paul)
Custom NSX-R type side mesh intake ducts (match NSX-R engine cover perfectly)
Upgraded GSB trunk and hatch struts
Upgraded window regulators and motors with Science of Speed billet aluminum clips
Acura OEM NSX car cover with bag
Acura OEM keyless entry (with 2 key fobs)
3M window tint

Audio Modifications
NSX Zublin Engineering SmarTenna
Alpine 6 Disc CD changer (CHM-S630)

ATE super blue racing brake fluid (flushed/bled regularly)
Mobil 1 10W30 motor oil (changed every 3k or as needed)
Redline MTL
Redline rear differential fluid
Royal Purple HPS 20W50 Supercharger oil (changed every 3k or as needed)

Regular oil/fuel filter changes including all gaskets
Clutch master and slave cylinder replaced, clutch line replaced when RPS clutch was installed
Snap ring issue has been addressed (see above)
Regular antifreeze flushes

It is hard to find a clean car and this one is no exception and a must see. While I haven't been active with the Houston NSX chapter much over the last several years (marriage and a young family will change your priorities), many of the Austin and Houston owners know me and have seen my car. For additional detail, please feel free to check my iTrader for comments. My goal when I bought this car was to keep the visceral feel that Acura intended, and only enhance it in a tasteful, classy way. That said, should a prospective buyer want to change any of my modifications, I have all the parts necessary to return the car back to normal aspirated form. I have many more pictures, so please feel free to ask. Thanks for looking.


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My NSX has been SOLD. I'd like to thank everyone on NSX prime for a great ~10 years. Thank you all for the help, advice, insight and assistance - especially all the local Houston guys that helped me in the early years. This forum is the best resource for all things NSX, but the people make it special.
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