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FS: Recaro Pole Position ABE Ambla Leather/Suede Black Brand New in Box

12 March 2015
Selling a brand new in box Recaro Pole Position ABE Ambla Leather Black/Dinamica Suede Black.

Great OEM+ Bucket seats that are iconic to Recaro. This is the ABE variant of the Pole Position, meaning it's been optimized for cars that see on-road usage(Wider width for easier ingress/egress/comfort, bigger seatbelt opening for a proper 3 point seatbelt buckle mount). Can probably fit up to 36" waist.

I think this is the perfect bucket seat that sort of does it all; comfortable in day to day usage, provides good support in canyon runs/tracks, all the while providing weight savings compared to almost any OEM seats.

Also Perfect for NSXs, as these look almost identical to the bucket seats used in NSX-Rs and Type Ss.

I ordered a pair from Germany, thinking I'd replace both of my seats, but I think it's a bit overkill and want to use only one of the pair.
I opened one of the boxes to make sure that I got the correct seat(Black leatherette/black suede), and up for sale is the remaining one still New in box.
Attached some pictures of the unboxing of my seat, just so that you know what to expect.

These usually cost 1400+(excl. tax, shipping) brand new.

I'm selling mine brand new for 1300 picked up.
Located in Long Beach, CA.

Ideally looking to sell just 1, but if you must have both, I'm open to selling both(2nd one is also untouched, only opened to check the content).

Please let me know if you have any questions.
PM or email at abflugs(at)gmail

Don't want to bother, but... are you sure it's actual Leather ? Leather Recaro's usually have the small discreet Recaro logo, and the big white logos are for the Leatherette. Also, real leather are way more expensive. Am I wrong ?

Edit: OK I was wrong as Ambla leather is simply Recaro's name for Leatherette.
Sorry for that. Have a good sale !
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