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Forced Induction FS-STMPO Charge Pipe and Rear Strut Tower Brace

4 April 2011
Fountain Hills, AZ
Moderators - Please lock this thread as the items have been sold. Thanks Prime.

This is the charge pipe and rear strut tower brace that was engineered and built by Ross as a custom one-off turbo system. The welds are incredible but you would already know that if you saw his chassis pieces. This was designed around the charge pipe being integrated into the RSTB. I will include all the silicone connectors and clamps. It was designed to have the charge air come off the turbo (placed passenger side low) and come up the passenger side wheel well and through the opening into the engine bay. Silicone connectors would connect to the RSTB and the charge air would come back out the driver's side of the RSTB and be routed into the throttle body. Very sleek, sexy and discreet. The RSTB is aluminum and powder coated matte black. The charge pipe is also aluminum.

The price is $400 and does not include shipping due to the packaging required to ship all this. All parts are wrapped and ready to go. PayPal preferred.

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