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Fuel filter replacement

It's high and forward in the engine bay in the corner immediately below the passenger side strut that holds up the glass engine cover. It's simple to replace but also simple to screw up if you don't use a wrench on the hex part of the filer itself (just below each banjo fitting) to hold the filter while you loosen the fitting. In other words, if you just put a wrench to the fittings you will twist the filter off it's flimsy mount and potentially kink a line. Also, keep in mid that the fuel system is under pressure. Bleed it off slowly and soak it up in a cloth, preferably with the engine cold. (If you happen to find that the fuel was not under pressure, then you should be looking for leaks.) One more thing, the very small hex head plug on top of one fitting need not be removed. It is an access point for attaching a gauge and is best left alone unless you need to tap in.