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Full circle - trying to make S2000 wheels fit

15 October 2002
West Vancouver
Ive been trying, to no avail, to sell the Volks that I had on my S2000 so that I can replace them with something more fitting for my 02 NSX. Seems that even at a screaming deal, no one local to me is biting, so I can either stay on my stock NSX wheels, or I can make the S2000 wheels fit. Not ideal, but Ive got little interest in becoming a wheel collector and I do like the Volks, just wish they were a combo vs the 18s on each corner.

The bore is the same as are the lug bolts.

The fronts are a 7.5x18 +50 vs my stock 7.0x17 +55. The current rubber (225/35/18) rubs vs the stock 215/40/17.

The rears are a 9.0x18 +55 vs my stock 9.0x17 +56. Basically identical to stock. Rears fit fine but I want them out further than stock, I dont like the tucked in look so much, so Id like them to move out if possible.

My local shop has suggested that I put 15mm spacers all around. They have suggested that the 225s on the front *may* not rub with the spacers, which would allow me to save some tire money as there is tons of life left on the fronts. I need new rubber on the back though. They have suggested that I can try the spacers and if the fronts still rub, order new rubber all around, otherwise, just order rear rubber.

I am concerned that 15mm spacers are not a good idea and that I will find out, after paying C$450 for them, that there are fitment issues or that I am unhappy structurally with the spacers (with longer lugs).

Should a 7.5x18 +50 with a 15mm spacer be flush with the fender and not have fitment issues with a 215/35/18 tire at worst, or a 225/35/18 at best? By my calculations, the wheel itself (without tire) is sitting 26mm further out than the stock. Is that correct? That's alot, no?

Will a 9.0x18 +55 with a 15mm spacer in the back be fine with a 265/35/18 or will it protrude too much? That wheel, absent rubber, is sticking out 16mm further than stock, right?

Not sure what to do; bill for the spacers is about C$450, so I dont want to make a mistake based upon the shops advice.
I gave up trying to make another car's wheels fit the NSX.

And in general, used wheels rarely fetch much money when sold. They should be considered solely in terms of the enjoyment they give while you're using them on the car you bought them for. I would just sell them. Incidentally, if you're asking more than a third of their price when new for wheels only (regardless of what tires are on them), then what you're asking is probably not such a "screaming deal"...
Its about a third, yes.

Maybe Ill just keep them in my coldroom until someone buys them and order up a pair of HREs and stop lamenting.

Summer's a wastin!

A little hard to see but the white NSX had on some Work Emotion CR wheels in 17x7 and 17x8 with 47mm offset on both wheels, made specifically for the S2000. They fit alright on the NSX but 3mm spacers were needed in order to clear the brake calipers. IMO, 15mm spacers would make the wheels sit nicely flush with the fender. If you're using stock Honda S2000 wheels, I'd run the 25mm spacers for that even look. I ran the 25mm spacers on my OEM 16/17 NSX wheels (not in the picture above) and it made the car look much better with the wheels sitting flush with the fenders. I have other pics of that white NSX when it had the Work Emotions on it (now has Volks that are NSX-spec).