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FYI: Tickets for F1 Grand Prix in Austin are available at....

Hmm..... November in Texas....... that would be pretty awesome. I just finally got to watching race 7 in Montreal last night, but the wife came home and wanted to watch So You Think You Can Dance.... :p
We have plans to go in November to Austin to watch the F1 race...:biggrin:
I bought 4 tickets in Turn 4. We have a group of 20 going so far. I am still holding out for McLaren getting me some VIP passes!:wink:
I should be buying my ticket within a month. I wish there was only race day GA tickets available, but even at $159 for a 3 days is fairly reasonable. I'm flying in Saturday night/ early Sunday morning just for the race, and fly back out Sunday evening.
I'm going for G.A. We austinites need to make sure to set something up for you guys, dinner etc.
This would be a good time to have a regional get together and include guest Primers from other out of Region States.

Most people will be flying in I'm sure. Might be hard to seat 20+ people race weekend near downtown (assuming this is where most are staying); we'll have to be creative.