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Getting my car dynoed tonight...looking for advice

22 November 2001
I'm taking my car to a dynojet facility tonight and have a few questions about how things should be done. I'm not sure if the shop will be familiar with the NSX. The guy I spoke with said he has to hook up a lead to one of the coils, then runs the car on the dyno to level it and does a pull in fourth gear to redline. Does this sound like the correct procedure? Is there anything special I should know before going?

Also, I would like to see the numbers with and without the Dali chip. Can I simple disconnect the battery, replace the chip and do a run? Or does the car need time to learn the new chip?
Be sure to get it fixed to the ground with a rope at the rear (screwable) hook (it's in the tool kit). Front hook too would be better (remove the small plastic cover). And be also sure to disable the TCS.
Service loop at the igniter? I'll have to crack open the manual later today. I don't know what the igniter looks like. The tach connection is the little rubber piece stuck on a spade type end of the fan housing, correct? Should I have him hook up in one of these other spots, or is the coil ok if I already took the cover off?
There are "tow hooks" in the front and rear wheel wells that take care of keeping the car in one place. The rest is fairly simple. I'd ask the operator if they've done NSXs before.
NSX-Racer said:
At least at my car - the place to mount it is hidden by a plastic piece, the hook itself is in the tool kit in the trunk (I hope it's not a special Europe thing?)

It must be a Europe thing. I don't have that.
If they are a dyno facility... strapping it down should not be an issue. But they may not figure out how to get a tach. signal. The best way for me to explain this is to get on the drivers side of the engine bay. Look at the throttle body. Then look about 5-6 inches back(toward the intake manifold), and one to two inches right. There you will see part of the engine wiring harness. Right there before a big electrical plug, there will be a little loop you will notice that comes out of the harness then goes right back in, within an inch. Thats the loop they need to put the inductive clamp on. Hope this makes sense?... Thats the best I can describe it.
A llittle advice I can lend you is to have the tools necessary to remove/replace the chip readily available, as well as having the rear trim piece covering the ECU off so you can change the chip in a timely manner (you may even want to remove the passenger seat for easier access). I did this at a dyno pull and was able to change the chip three times within my one hour time slot.

As mentioned above, turn off the TCS. And cooling fans are a nice touch also.