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Glass correction

9 May 2019
Richmond, VA

My windshield had some wiper marks and small pits so, after seeing this video:

...I decided to give some of this cerium oxide and a rayon pad a try for a rainy day project. It is really slow going, and it's messy, but it does work! And I can actually see a difference all along the tape line when I pull the tape off, like there is a slight haze on the glass that the polishing gets rid of.
Where are you able to get light pits out of the glass using this method?

Is there a kit you purchased or you got to piece it together yourself?
It's hard to say. I think some very light pits are gone, but I drove the car near sunset tonight and I can definitely still see pits. There were about five tiny chips that were visible in most any lighting condition and I focused mainly on trying to get rid of those. I wasn't able to get rid of them but I think I was able to make them better. But I'm also open to the idea that may just be effort justification on my part.

I definitely was able to get rid of the light wiper scratches, though. The stuff acts as a fine polish, not a coarse abrasive, so it takes off glass very very slowly. I do think you could polish out any imperfection eventually, as long as it wasn't down to the plastic laminate sandwich layer, but it just depend on your patience. And it's not just the time - the back of my legs are killing me from leaning over the car with the buffer for hours.

It wasn't a kit exactly - it was CarPro CeriGlass glass polish for about $30, a pack of CarPro glass rayon polishing pads for $20, and $7 for three big plastic sheets (used one) at Home Depot to keep the stuff off the rest of the car. And I used the Porter-Cable dual-action polisher I already had.

It does make quick work of removing mineral deposits left by water, though I think there are easier ways to do that. One interesting effect I wasn't expecting is that tape will no longer stick to the glass. I was using that green tape to section the windshield off into four sections to work individually, but at some point I took it off and tried to reapply it shifted over a little, and it would not stick to where I'd polished. I guess it got the surface so smooth that there's not enough texture for the adhesive to stick to.

Two other videos on using it that I found useful:

I used the Carpro Ceriglass polish with the rayon pads and it did a good job cleaning and removing minor marring. Used a Rupes LHR15 but wasn't able to remove some of the deeper marks - so setting realistic expectations is key. Still happy with the results but won't make the windshield look brand new.

Finished it off with Jescar PowerLock+ sealant and water beading has been great. Tempted to try Gyeon View coating to get more life, but overall just reapplying the Powerlock+ every 6 months or so for non-daily driver has been effective.