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Goal Setting

31 October 2004
Midland, MI
I'm a senior in college right now...going to Michigan State University. I plan to someday get an NSX, hopefully a Berlina Black 98 or 99 NSX-T, but right now it's just not my place to own one. I have a 94 Integra that is turbocharged, but lately I've grown tired of it and have been looking for something else...something newer...something faster, better looking, and more practical (something I could drive all year long, not just when it's 70*...something I could enjoy in all seasons, even the middle of winter).

That being said, I've had some major issues the past few semesters. Last semester was a killer - I had 17 credits which translated into almost 25 hours in class time a week (I had two 3 hour labs) plus homework and other outside of class work it turned into a 40+ hour week for school...something I wasn't used to at all. None of the classes were easy for me, and my grades started falling for the first time - ever. So now I'm 1/2 way through this semester and I can see the same thing happening. I'm tired of seeing my grades slip and feeling like I don't know any of what I'm supposed to know. So my friend and roommate helped me come up with a good plan:

With my friend Ryan's help...I set a goal for myself that if I get a 3.0 GPA or higher this semester (which will require a lot of work at this point) then when the semester's over I'm buying an Evo. If I fail that goal, I might drive the Integra for another summer, but I'll probably just sell it. Some may ask why I'm posting this...well, it's so I have sort of a contract. This way I can't weasel out of the deal if I don't meet the goal and get the car anyway.

I'm going to post my grades at the end of the semester, and we'll see if Tyler gets a new car or not!

Semester ends first week of May. I've been slacking so far, but now it's time to turn it all around. Wish me luck!


Oh, and in case anyone wondered...funds aren't a problem...
Hey Tyler,...good luck and hope you meet your goal. I remember those days back in college when I had to constantly pull "all nighters". I'm glad those days are over. :biggrin: There were two semesters in particular that I took 21 units, and as you can imagine, I was worn out when it was over. Anyways, it was well worth it since I'm able slack off now and enjoy the rewards of my hard work.

As for your urge to get something "faster, better looking, etc..", that is a never ending cycle. I get that urge about once every year. I just added a Modena to my toy collection a few months ago, and I'm sure I'll be wanting more next year. :smile:
Wow...that's amazing - congratulations! I just figure the 2003 Evo will get me through the next 5 years a lot better than a 1994 Integra, plus it has a lot more potential. We'll see though.