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good day for NSX sighting

1 August 2000
Was in Atlanta this week (Sorry Alex for not meeting up) and on my way home saw an early model blk/blk with a carbon front clip. In SC on I-26 pass 95 towards Charleston a red one was hauling ass in front of me as I was coming up on it. I guess they got tired of being in all the traffic but it was red that's all I got before they took off. I was doing about 95KHM :biggrin: and wasn't even coming close to getting near him..SO, didn't know if you were heading home are just hanging in Charleston for the PGA. but hit me up if you're on here

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Ha!! Saw it and called you and you were behind it!! Funny
We had a blast on Kiawah for the golf tourney but my NSX was at home.
Love to know who it was!!