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Good shop for PPI in Norcal?

13 October 2004
Orange County
Does anyone have good recommendation on a shop for PPI in the norcal area, maybe close to Mountain View / Santa Clara? A search didn't come up with anything. Thank you!
The problem is your searching (and posting) in the Southwest US Region but Norcal is in the Northwest US Region and in that forum is a specific NorCal forum. If you look in there you will find plenty of places to get a PPI.
We are fortunate to have so many top NSX techs in our area.

Don @ Hilltop Auto Service (Daly City)
Shad @ Driving Ambitions (Cameron Park)
Jim @ Belmont Auto Center (Belmont)
thanks coconut, awesome info. i talked to jim an hour or so ago, fantastic guy and super helpful. fingers crossed!!!!