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Good Windshield Repair in Socal?

14 September 2006
I have a small chip in my windshield. Does anyone know a good place to get a repair done?

Looking for something near the Los Angeles area.
I've used Novus for my windshield repairs and my local representative has been absolutely super. You can look up the one in your area on their website here.

Coincidentally, I just got another rock chip in my windshield this past week and the Novus guy was here this morning, first time in seven years (but the fourth time I've had chips repaired). I'm a happy customer.
I believe they drill a small amount at the end of any cracks which prevents the crack from spreading. I had it done to a previous car for $20 per chip.
about how much does it cost, and how good are the repairs? Do they stop further damage?
Mine cost $95 (and I seriously wonder about anyone charging only $20, especially if they're coming out to your location). The repairs do indeed stop any further damage, which is the main purpose of the repair, so it doesn't spread and require replacing the entire windshield. The visibility of the damage is reduced, but if you look closely and you know where to look, you can still see some of the original damage (it's more visible from inside the car than outside the car).