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Great day at the BBQ, and then...

11 February 2000
Half Moon Bay, CA, USA
I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that I had a great day at the Acura of Stockton BBQ yesterday, but I'm sure I'm the only one to return 2 hours later to take advantage of their discounted service offers!

First I have to thank Dan (Bobolinski) and Tracy Rosemont for all the help and support they gave Patti and I as we waited an hour for the flat bed to come and rescue us from the side of Hwy. 5. And secondly, huge kudos to John, Dave and Ryan at Acura for the fantastic treatment.

As a few of you know I ruptured a radiator hose on the way home from the event yesterday. If it wasn't for two things: my mesh engine cover and constantly looking in my rear-view-mirror to ogle Dan's gorgeous 2005, I probably would never have known about the leak and would have driven until the engine temp registered in the "China Syndrome" range. Fortunately I saw my hatch cover glass get splattered with coolant (Dan said it looked like I blew up my egine!) and I drove the car immediately over to a nearby exit.

It wasn't to difficult too think of whom to call for service, and I decided to talk to John the Gen. Manager at Acura of Stockton, as I had talked with him a bit earlier in the day. I can't say enough good things about my treatment by them. They were great!!! John was on the ball right away and had the service dept. dispatch a flatbed for the car. Admittedly, this took about an hour, but John called me four times on my cell to make sure I was being rescued. They were waiting for my arrival at Acura and they treated Patti and I like royalty.

Bottom line: The car will be ready on Tuesday with a new hose set. I'm not the slightest bit worried about the engine as the temperature never went above normal. Acura of Stockton towed the car free of charge, loaned me a new loaded TL for the weekend until the NSX is done free of charge, and gave me the reduced labor rate of $80 per hr. They were apologetic (!) to me for not having the tow pick us up sooner, go figure! (In their defense, the tow company is an outside contractor, not their employee.) And the hour spent on the side of the road with Dan and Tracy I wouldn't trade for anything. Patti and I made two new friends and I am competely sold on Acura of Stockton!
Right on Ken that was a GREAST thing to say and it makes me proud as well.

Never made it to half moon bay last night as my wife was leaving early for home maybe we can hook up in the future.

Are you going to Thunderhill on July 29,30 if so see you there

Steve Ghent (smgnsx)

It is truly amazing how a simple gesture can generate such good will. No full page paid ad would have generated such customer attention and hopefully loyalty.

Now more importantly, Ken, inquiring minds want to to know if you left your phone number and address with your car or was that too much personal info to leave behind .......... Just couldn't resists with all the 55+ cars that showed after all fuss ......... :biggrin: :tongue:

Never known for not stirring the pot, occasionally ...... :redface: :cool: :biggrin:
Ken/Patti - So sorry to hear about your hose letting go. But always good things come from the most unexpected experiences. I was talking with my brother about the way Acura of Stockton treated us and had already told him my car would likely be going to Stockton for service in the future. I really appreciate a dealership that appreciates customers.

I hope you got a chance to enjoy the TL, they are great cars and loaded with goodies.