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Green Modified NSX for sale!

27 May 2002
Sydney,NSW, Australia
Never seen this car! shocked to see it.

Yes, I have seen that car for sale before.

About 2 years ago from memory. Ask Neo, but I think it is an import.
I don't know anything about the history of this car. I've never seen a :D -green NSX before (i'd remember that! :D ) No rego plate doesn't help either.

Nice fine Nico!
Vey nice car! I just returned to Australia and picked up the autosalon magazines, very well layed out! Read about the streecar of the year too, nice pics!

Are you coming down to the Adelaide auto salon August 13-15th Nico? Wouldn't mind seeing your car in the flesh!
Not a big fan of green, kit at al looks good, and well priced, altho as a 'grey', its probably priced right...yep 2nd look ..still don't like the colour..and if its been retrimmed inside..do you think green :frown:
no it is blue..........

green and blue interior

hmm very strange colour combination :eek:
The interior is that of the '91-'92 model years, i.e. No passenger airbag and single compartment centre console.

Since it is advertised as a '94 one must assume that '94 was the year of import...