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2 March 2009
So Cal
Rear Strut Tower Brace designed specifically for 95-05 NSX-T Targa NSX's.

Number of Units: Limited

Payment Procedure: No deposit, payment due prior to shipping.

Payment Methods Accepted: PayPal at [email protected] (Please include your Prime name in the payment notes and shipping address). Venmo and Zelle also available.

Estimated Delivery Time / Date: 12/1/22

Product Pricing: $1500

Shipping & Insurance Costs: Free within the US.

Signup List:
  1. ready2huynh - picked up
  2. og_rex - picked up
  3. chuonthis1 - paid
  4. RJ - sent
  5. OE2 - sent
  6. Jason H - picked up
  7. Eric P - picked up
  8. Luis R - sent
  9. BJ J - sent
  10. Andrew M - paid
  11. Christopher C - sent
What's included:
  • Rear strut tower brace made from 6061 aluminum billet, CNC machined in one-piece, bead blasted and anodized in cool grey.
  • Mounting hardware in titanium.
  • OEM prop rod, grommet, rod holder and custom aluminum prop brackets.
Here at GREYMRKT we share our own personal parts with you. We seek out to make our own ideas a selfless market to all. The GM7 Targa Bar was something we always wanted to make. No other counterpart has designed a rear strut tower brace for the NSX-T in a single piece billet aluminum. We wanted to create this unique part without your typical welded tube fabrication. Unlike other CNC'd targa bars made in multiple parts, we improved a design flaw in such an assembly that would squeak when flexed. Since our part isn't put together by various bolts, we were able to create a more rigid and structural piece.

The GM7 Targa Bar appearance also shares a resemblance by Mugen. Influenced by their coupe bar, we always dreamed of having this option for the NSX-T targa variant which was never been made available or considered.

We used CAD modeling and 3D printed a one-piece ABS prototype to ensure fitment. The GM7 Targa Bar was also designed to accommodate a Comptech supercharger without the use of an aftercooler. We also include an optional prop rod to work with the OEM engine maintenance lid if desired.





Our final product is made out of 6061 aluminum. The part is cleaned, deburred, and placed in an abrasive blaster where surface deposits are removed by applying fine glass beads at high pressure, without damaging the surface. The finish is a beautiful matte surface. The color is anodized in a stunning cool grey and provides increased corrosion resistance.

The GM7 Targa Bar ultimately weighs less than the OEM brace and other aftermarket bars that are made out of chromoly steel.




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You have my payment from paypal invoice shipping to seattle, so may as well put me up there as paid. but you did charge me shipping Just refunded my shipping 😎
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