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Gt theory

12 October 2011
Brandon, you are the man! That's all I have to say. If you know Brandon over at GT THEORY then you know what I mean when I say he is the man :wink:
Interest to hear your story about GT Theory. Not much info on them...plz share.

Humm, where do i start. Ok i bought a set of BC forged wheels from Brandon and i told him axactly how i want it to be, size, offset, color, finishing etc.. He went the extra miles just to make it happen. I wanted a deep concave on the rear and i wanted a medium concave in the front. So we did some measurement together on the phone and he also stayed up late til 2 3 in the morning to take more measurment just to make sure all measurement was correct before he sent it over to BC's. I am very happy with the out come the BC wheels. Wait time was less than a month. Price was really decent. Best bang for the buck. As you know i also have the WP Pro EX 6pot front and rear BBK that i bought from Brandon also. They say due to BBK its hard to get a concave wheels with BBK but they are wrong this WP Pro BBK is pretty hug and i can still achieve a deep concave on the rear and medium concave on the front. Brandon is a great guy to work with. Great communication, keep you update. Over all experience Brandons the man and i will definitely buy from him again in the future.

Not to many wheel company will go the extra mile and get you the offset and finishing that you want. For sure BC forged will :wink:

WP Pro EX 6 pot BBK is also a great kit if you want to upgrade you brakes to a very lightweight, high performance and will stop your car anywhere at any given time :wink:

This is my experience with Brandon/GT Theory :smile:!