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H&R spring group buy

I would be interested, but how about shocks to go along with the springs?

I believe that the H&R's lower by 1.5 inches, and if you keep the OEM shocks they will blow out eventually.
I am interested in the springs. However can someone please tell me if H&R springs are good springs? How low will they drop the car? Also will the ride still be smooth? Will they fit the 94 model?

Thanks for any help. MB
I've been using the H&R springs for over 2 years and very happy with them. From my experience (on other type of cars) H&R are one of the best.

They lower the car about 1.5" the ride is a bit stiffer.

I can arrange the shocks deal as well, just let me know if u guys want Koni or bilstein.

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Okay, For Bilstein, the best price is to get from Dali or Mirenda. I can not beat the price at all.

However, I am able to locate one set in the US right now. But the guy wants $640 for the set.

Koni I can get no problem. the price for Koni for a set is $540
The Sport Springs are H&R's most popular springs. They lower your NSX an average of 1.5 inches, for improved handling, better aerodynamics and a simply outrageous look. Each spring is tuned for that elusive combination of shifter-kart handling and a controlled, yet comfortable ride (about 25-30% stiffer than stock). Made exclusively in Germany.

Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship to the original purchaser.

For comparison, check out: http://www.daliracing.com/nsxcatalog/suspension/more_springs_matrix.cfm