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Half Crazy Over Wheels and Tires!!!

23 April 2005
Houston, Texas
:mad: I just bought my first NSX, and this entire wheel and tire thing has driven me half crazy!!! Or let's say it's taken the half that was left!
Finding a wheel these days that you like is a major task by itself, then finding the offset and fitment for the NSX blows all that away, and you start over. Then the latest craze at all the wheel shops I've called is refusing to sell staggered setups, and that blows the next set of choices away, and you start over. Then you find something that works in 4 x 18's and the tires aren't available - or (as in Tire Rack) the wheels are gawdawful expensive (over $3k) and you start over again. Then you come here and read that you really need the staggered setup because otherwise it doesn't look right. (and I do want staggered)
I love the NSX already, but I have only been able to drive it a hundred miles because the rims that came on the car are all bent to heck - just because the previous owner thought that spiffy 18 and 19 setup with Antera 309's and wafer thin tires looked good. The wheels are now junk, but boy do they ever look good! Love/hate relationship number 17.
So I ordered 17 and 18 309's from All Star Rims in LA and was told they would ship in a week. 3 weeks later I call to find out where my wheels are, and after they contact Antera I'm told I can either cancel the order or change it to 18 and 19!!! (MADE ME FURIOUS!!!) So now I'm sitting here unable to find wheels I like that have tires that fit them, and fit the car, and still waiting on my refund of the $1850 I paid to All Star for the cancelled order.
Has the rest of the world gone crazy, or is it me??? Are we all going to put wheels on our cars that become dented and wobbly, but "Wow! Do they look good!"
Holy cow! Fly to Rome and smell the coffee gang! There's lots of other things to do with money other than buy wheels that will be junk in six months!
Of course it's my opinion, but I'm laughing every time I hear stories of dented wheels, straightening wheels and etc., but woe is me - still looking for wheels and I've spent at least 24 hours of looking including all day today, and a few hours on the phone trying to find a set similar to the Antera's in 17 and 18 OR (better yet) 16 and 17. HELP!!!! Does anyone know where I can get ANY OF THE FOLLOWING WHEELS in 16 and 17 or 17 and 18????
Konig "Maxxim Harpoon" 17x7 and 18x7.5
OR Konig "Reign" OR Konig "Spec"
17x8 front and 18x9 or 18x10 rear Antera's are still acceptable - but not if I have to wait a month. I want to drive my car!!!
5 Zigen FN-01RC 16x7 and 17x10
Same setup for any of the following wheels:
TSW Volcano, Pinnacle NYX, Pinnacle Hynos, Motegi Racing FF 6, Enkei OR 52, ADR Battle EXE, ADR GT Sport, ADR RYVR G6

That's it - and if anyone can help I will shower you with tons of gratitude! I'm completely wrung out by this wheel search! If I had any idea this would happen I would never have bought this particular car!

I would also settle for the Volk TE37 wheels, but what's with that hole in the center? Personal opinion is that something is needed to cover that.

Mega Zap
Houston, Texas :confused:
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Talk to R-P motorsports on here he will hook you up.
Thanks to all who answer - I sent an email to Tom Bell, and will check the Dali site. Guess I don't have a prayer of getting the car on the road for at least another week or two, so it sits in the garage and I rent a Hyundai. Woof!

ben at wheelsboutique.com also has a great deal of experience with the nsx, and great prices.

MegaZap said:
I would also settle for the Volk TE37 wheels, but what's with that hole in the center? Personal opinion is that something is needed to cover that.

Mega Zap
Houston, Texas :confused:

FYI: There is a center cap that goes over the hole on the TE-37's.

As long as you are not running a BBK there should be a reasonable selection of rims for the NSX, just do a bit more research. Folks going with 18/19 are mostly for show. Plenty of 17/18 choices out there but it will cost you a bit more than $1850 if you are looking for forged wheels.

Good luck!
Not being that informed, what is the advantage to forged?

I just want a set of wheels that I like, and that fit the car.

So - I bought a set of 5 Zigen FN-01RC's with the Falken 451's
from Dali for $1654 plus shipping. That will get the car on the
road and give me time to sort out whether I need to replace
that setup with a set of forged wheels.

I really appreciate the help here - thanks to all who answered!

Tirerack does not seem to have many selection for NSX. However there are plenty of wheels available for NSX.

Get the good stuff. For around $2k there are ultra lightweight Volk CE28N or beaustiful looking Volk, GT-7, GT-C etc. Racing Hart CP-035

There are many other good looking wheels available with proper NSX off set.

RP motorsports can probabaly give you pleanty of wheel choices and recommendations.
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Good Luck...and welcome to the club of wheel seekers!! :biggrin:

I took me 8 months to find the wheels I wanted, and then I found out the order time was 4 months :eek: and the company has just lost the finishing vendor, so the finishing would take another 2 months (after sampling and testing). So I decided on another wheel they had in the line that was 'in stock' (actually liked it better when I saw the wheel on another site).

after considering:
1.spacers or not
2.custom or off the shelf
3.mesh, spokes or other
4.what kind of finish
5.forged or cast
6.stock, 17 & 18, 18 & 19, or other

I finally decieded:
hyper silver or chrome
custom offset - NO SPACERS
18's & 19's
WORK WHEELS 18/8 & 19/10 TS-1/S

GOOD LUCK :biggrin: :eek: