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Happy 50th to The Don!

28 March 2002
He may be busy on the track at NSXPO 2012 in Colorado trying to outrun his midlife crises but that doesn't mean he doesn't get his..........

Happy 50th Don..........welcome to the club! It's not so bad :biggrin:
50.....pffft that was so 4.5 months ago:biggrin: At least you are in a happy place....the track...oh it helps that Carla is happy too:wink:

Hope you and Carla have a great time celebrating your 50th Birthday...Now you will be getting the AARP junk mail and may be eligible for some Sr Citizen discounts...I got one recently but can't remember for what; I was shocked that over 50 qualified.:eek:

Best Regards,

Tytus and Basia
Happy birthday, Don!

You're now getting to the point that you're too old to remember what it is that you can't remember. :biggrin: And don't ask me how I know!:eek:
Happy Birthday Don! You dont look a day over 49 :biggrin: