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Harris Hill Road - new track

25 October 2006
New Braunfels
Hi Guys,
I paid a visit to Harris Hill Road today ( www.harrishillroad.com ) and it was great!

Harris Hill Road is a new 1.8 mile road course in San Marcos. In fact, this is where the S2K club just had a track day. I've always wanted a place to stretch my car's legs (and not get a ticket) and now there's one in our backyard.

I met a guy named Eric and he was kind enough to show me around the clubhouse and garage. Then came the good part. He asked if I had time to take a few laps. This is the kind of thing you make time for, if you don't have it. So, Eric and I hopped in and took a few spins around the course.

Considering his gracious offer, I used great restraint. But, this is defintely a place I'm coming back to. If the membership is outside of your budget, or if you live too far away to justify a membership, sign up for their email list or keep an eye on their calendar for club days or open track days. You should defintely make a point to go there at least once.

I recall him saying that if you have about 40 cars, the per person fee is only about $150 for a one day event. It might be cool to plan one of the next NSX events there. Just a thought.

Anway, that's my report from Harris Hill Road.
Its just outside of austin about 25 min. I live in San Antonio and I would definitly be in for a track day. I have been up there once and it was great!