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Hawaii NSX owners

19 July 2004
New York City/Honolulu
Aloha guys,

I just arrived at the islands a little more then a week ago and I have seen a good number of NSX's around. As many of my friends from the East coast know me, I came to Hawaii to follow my dreams and open up a restaurant. Unfortunately the first deal fell through as I was not able to arrive in Hawaii on time so I am still looking around in the downtown Waikiki area or in Ala Moana. I was extremely happy when I went to the Matson shipping yards to pick up my NSX which took a long journey from New York City all the way to Oahu. I was just wondering if you guys have a local mechanic that you prefer to go to? or do you just go to Pfluger Acura for servicing? I would also like to know when the next meet is :biggrin:

Welcome Rob,

In regard to local servicing, some of the owners have gone to:

1. Yama's Auto Repair.
2. Vakamon Motor Sports.
3. Pflueger Acura.
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1. Yama's Auto Repair.

I highly reccomend this shop. Owner is Mark Yama and he was an NSX master tech with Acura both in California and then here in Hawaii with Pflueger before starting his own shop. he has also owned an NSX or two in the past.Shop # 808-845-2666
Sorry guys but this is off the topic. Well I'll be in Hawaii in November. So I just wanted to see how everyone is doing and what hangout spot do you guys go to. Well as of right now my car is heading up to Washington to get some modification done to it. It should be done for SEMA. Don't know if you guys are going. Well hit me up with some info. Mahalo

I have a lot of friends that also live in Hawaii on Oahu, mostly the DeTomaso Pantera and Lamborghini crowd...Most of which were born there.....Their a bunch of great guys.
PM me if you want their contact info, I'm sure they'd like to hook up with you.
They might be able to help with out with your adventure...

Aloha guys,