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Hedger Tech Needed

13 September 2000
Tulsa, OK
Today, for the second time in as many months, while performing my weekly yard duties I committed power cord murder with my electric hedger. After a few less-than-flattering words describing my disgust at the situation, I realized that electric powered yard equipment sucks giant monkey nuts.

However, after searching the gas powered Craftsman hedgers (22 inches) and discovering some very poor reviews, I wondered how much I didn't know about the subject.

Do you guys have any insight into these things? Features I should be looking for? Good brands? Not interested in electric or some spineless battery powered contraption.

Thanks in advance!

PS - anyone wanting a semi-intact electric POS hedger or the remnants thereof, please let me know.
Black and Decker produces 18V cordless models, I don't have a hedger, but I use the weedwacker; the battery charges in a holster, which mounts on the wall, and lasts for the 30 or so minutes of weedwacking I do.

I still use a gasoline-powered mower, but the cordless weedwacker is great, never do you run out of cord, have to organize the cord, untangle it, etc. - just go anywhere and kill some weeds.
I've had great luck with Echo products. They offer a great value for the money and are very reliable.


I have this exact same hedge trimmer and I like it better than a more expensive RedMax product. You can purchase it at your local Home Depot and if you keep up with the recommended maintenance you will likely not have to buy another hedge trimmer for quite a long time (if ever). Good luck! :smile:
so this is what happens when a man watches one too many "romantic' movies :tongue: He forgets how to operate manly equipment!
Ryobi makes a pretty decent string trimmer with replaceable heads. You can put blowers, edgers, culitivators, hedger, etc.. attachments on it.

+1 on the Echo. Cost a bit more but worth every penny and is cheaper to own in the long run. My 15 year-old Echo leaf blower still starts on the second pull.