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Help: Any Members from Boston who can help me..?

18 June 2005
I'm buying some parts (probably more) from someone in Boston to ship to me in Hong Kong. But, I've no way to see the parts condition and I wonder if any member would be so kind as to help me take a look at the parts / the NSX where the parts are coming from for me before I pay for it.

I'm getting a fender, radiator and AC condenser assembly kit (perhaps more if his conditions are good). According to the seller, he says all are in very good cond but I just needed to be sure because I'm from Hong Kong and it's such a long way if they are not what they ought to be.

Please email me or leave a reply so I can give you the seller's location and contact. I'm willing to pay a small fee for your trouble if you feel is necessary, it's only fair. Please if anybody can kindly help from Boston or nearby. I'll inform the seller you are just there to take a glance on the parts for me. Any member's Help would be greatly and sincerely Appreciated..

Email: [email protected]

Best Regards,
Michael Lee.