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29 September 2007
Anyone have this problem and know the solution. This morning I backed my 97 NSX out of the driveway to take out the trash and put it back in the garage and everything is OK. This afternoon I climb in to take a drive, plug in my iPod and my radar detector and go to start the car. The radar detector goes "beep" and all electrical power goes out. Disconnect the iPod and radar detector and everything is still dead.

Any ideas?


Assuming you checked the battery and alternator already? Main relay? Ask Z he may have an extra nearby after you check the electrical stuff out...
I agree, it sounds like a mail relay (but I am no mechanic). You might try giving the back panel behind the driver's seat (right shoulder area) a smack. Some have reported "waking up the relay" with this simple effort.

It might not do anything but it is worth a try.

Also, try a search on "main relay", there should be a bunch of info on this malady.

Also check for a loose battery cable.

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try giggling the key while its in the ignition do the lights flicker if so then Ign switch, if everything looks fine while giggling it

then 100% fact its your main relay
The main relay controls power to the fuel pump, not all the power to the car. If everything is dead, it does not sound like the main relay. No starter action? No dash lights? All fuses good?
Sounds like the ignition switch. Happen to me once. Took it apart clean it and out it back together. Work again! GL
battery issue or wire connection to it.
Dennis, do you have headlamps/horn or any accessories that are not controlled by the ignition switch "on". If so you may have a ignition switch issue. If not check the pos terminal for corrosion. They tend to corrode since they are down low to the ground and if you drive in rain, moisture will take it's toll. For now, ignition switch is the suspect.
I think I had this issue once too. I would flip the key position and it everything would go dead. It was the battery cable clamps so you can just get those metal terminal caps which act like spacers.
Had this too on another Honda once, that was a case of a battery terminal going loose. As Nero Tenebre said, get those spacers, in the mean time try to fix it the best you can..
I think I got this.... When I got in the car the following day to check things out I noticed that the courtesy lights came on when I opened the door but as before nothing happened when I turned the key. Then I saw that the courtesy lights did not come on when I got out of the car. I connected a battery charger and it started right up, no hesitation at all. Removed the battery charger and the car started up and ran fine. Tried again this evening and again, it started up and ran fine. I figure the battery terminal connection is bad so this weekend I'll disconnect, clean and reconnect them. I really think that this will solve my problem.

I want to thank everyone that offered advise and assistance. I am truly grateful to you all.

Thanks again,

how old is the battery and what type?
Battery? Not sure. It was installed at an Acura dealership but I don't recall how long ago. Years, certainly. I have considered just replacing it to be on the safe side. I think I'll call NTB to see if they carry batteries for NSX's.
good idea...
FWIW you can replace it with the Zanardi battery since we live in Houston. It weighs 15 lbs not 45 but it can slide around on the tray if you don't have the holder so I have mine strapped in. I have had mine for awhile now and it works great. I deduced that it's the battery from an integra lol.