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Help...Lower dash panel removal

4 December 2000
Cary, NC
Help...I'm in the middle of replacing my subwoofer...It would be a heck of a lot easier if I could find these two 10mm bolts to get it off..I located and removed 2 10mm bolts but I think all I accomplished wash to loosen the keyless entry module..Help!
Did you try looking in the service manual?

You should have a service manual if you do any work on your own car. You can also view the one in the FAQ.
I have the service manual. It's not very clear as to how the panel comes off. I am also using the instructions from the FAQ...but, nevermind, I found the problem..First, there are no 10mm bolts as described in the FAQ. My '91 had two phillips head screws that needed to be removed (which I had already removed). What I didn't realize was that the panel is also held in place with four clips (so it needs to be gently pulled off). Thanks anyway.

BTW - The service manual (page 23-238 vol.2), doesn't even mention removal of the lower panel when replacing the foot well bass speaker. It is definitely an easier job when the panel is out of the way.