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Help me find an NSX!!!

10 February 2008
I have been looking through all the obvious outlets for an nsx such as autotrader, cars.com, nsxtrader online, craigslist, etc. I cannot find an nsx with under 75k for reasonable money. Most cars i come across have super low mileage in the teens or twenties and are calling for 39-45 thousand dollars. Im looking to spend no more than 30 thousand on the right stock nsx, but i cant even find one for that money. So I ask my fellow nsxprime members if they know someone selling an nsx that fits my budget or may know of someone considering selling one or even if you stumble across one on a online listing i may not be aware of to please let me know. I live in NY but am willing to travel for the right car.
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I would like a 2001 360 for $60K or less with low miles. I cant find one either ... I wonder why ...???

I would scoot your price range up $10K for what you are looking for. One just sold in the bay area with 60K on the clock, 1996-ish for $46K.
you are not alone, but I think the NSX price has gone up a bit compare to a couple years ago.

However, I think 35k or even 40k for a 91/92 is really a bit high even it seems perfect.

Just be patient, something reasonable will eventually show up.
Prices will continue to rise for well kept nsx's. Meaning garage kept, not tracked, not beat up on. You can obviosly find a slut nsx that has been neglected for a low price. People are finally waking up. My advice is to wait. You will find one soon.
Hate to say it, but a really low milage, well maintained NSX even if it is a 91 will, and I would expect to, fetch mid 30's and up. You either should raise the milage limit or price limit. I wouldn't be afraid of a NSX with 75k on the clock. I wouldn't be afraind of 100k+ on it. So long as it has all the maintenance done w/ records to prove it.