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Help: Need a World Sim Card

13 December 2007
Yay Area
Can anyone point me in the right direction for this? One that has good rates? Will be travelling to europe, china, dubai, and brazil. Thanks in advance!
Re: Help: Need a World Sim Card.

Callineurope.com had the best deal for Europe. I'm there now on vacation. Rather than a prepaid card, it is a pay-for-what-you-use service billed to your credit card. The SIM card is $39. Rates vary depending upon the country you are based in. France is $0.39 per minute to the US. Virtually all of the pre-paid cards were over $1.00 per minute, plus you still had to pay around $60 for the card. And then you would have the hassle of having to recharge the cards while in Europe. Plus I was able to buy a GSM phone from callineurope for only $19.

Best deal I found by far. Very hassle free and the service is as promised.

Kevin T.