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(Help) Need help eyes in Florida

9 February 2002
Glendale, az usa
I posted this in the southeast forum, but
it doesn't seem to get the traffic that this
area does. I'm in the process of buying a
97 NSX in the Parkland (coral springs) area
of Southern Florida. I was wondering if a
local NSXer could go take a look at a car
"that looks great in pictures" for me.

You can email me at shawn.griffin at sun.com

Thanks for any help in advance,
Send me an e-mail!!! I can a definitely take a look and give you a very in-depth, objective critique. Let me know; not much gets by me.

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I'm still waiting on some pictures I asked her to take. I should have them today. I told her I wasn't willing to do the deal on some 3+ month old digital pics. Especially with your review of the car showing it as "average" condition, her assessment was "very clean"...
I wish I had thought of it sooner, you could have taken the pictures of the areas that were flawed. That would have been much smarter than having her take the pictures. I'm probably going to do the deal for $51K. I can't get her down any lower, and you are right she is shifty...

I don't think the car is bad enough to risk the deposit over. I get the impression that she has never sold a car before.

I think the price is fair. What does the rest of the forum think. Please be gentle. The car is a 97-T w/6-speed, Black/Tan, 24K miles, Original owner. Does have some lousy paintwork on the bumpercover. She has the original invoice and maintenance records.

Overall fairly clean. Some chips, two door
dings, a few scuffs. Nice interior, runs well, 24K mi. Shabby repaint on front
bumper cover. Overall pretty nice.
Todd can you add any other flaws I might
have missed? Oh yeah missing the
air compressor from the tool kit.
Original owner.

That's pretty much it. The front spoiler needs to be replaced as it has also been whacked pretty good and has a noticeable mark on it. The driver's rear wheel is scuffed 3/4 around but not too deep. Let me know if you'd like me to recheck it before it gets sent out to you or take pics or whatever. I'm still here to help you if you'd like.
Hi I've been looking for a 97-01 also, prices are fairly soft right now.Real money on the 97 to 00 seems to be low 50s for a not so pristine car to low 60s for up to 00 cars there are a few 01 cars brand new at some dealer ships that you can pick up now for under $75k true invoice is a little over $78k and there is a factory rebate to the dealer of $7500 this rebate will be expiring very soon so dealers are motivated to sell 01s now.I'm looking for a spa yellow 6spd myself.Doug