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Help with advice on wheels damaged at carwash

12 October 2002
West Reading, Pa USA
Hello, I have a 1995 NSX-T and have been going to this great carwash for over 1 year now. I often see new porsche, fererri, and custom cars there, so I figured it had to be relativly safe. I bought a new set of wheels, tires about six months ago and went to the carwash and showed them the wheels and they stated that it would fit with no problem. Today they ran my car through and when I got home to finish the detailing I noticed that the drivers side front and rear wheels are damaged. The damage constists of scratches to the outer lip of the wheel, looks like I scraped a curb, and there are black rub marks, probably from something in the carwash.

I am pretty upset, and not really sure what to do yet, but I wanted to at least let the owner of the carwash Know, so It does not happen again. Any suggestions or comments that would be helpful. Thanks
Sorry to hear about your problem.

1. Most all car washes I see have signs that say they are not responsible for any damage.

2. I personally would not take a 'good' car to a carwash. I wash all my cars by hand (except my beater, that gets washed naturally by the rain).

I don't think you have any recourse.

Good Luck
Two issues.If the wheels are stock and the car wash folks stated it will not damage the wheels you do have remedy.If the damaged part is aftermarket you have less legal remedy.I had my stock wheels damaged at a car wash in vermont many moons ago,and I documented that with the manager,at the time it happened.I spoke to the owner by cell phone who let my claim go through his insurance,and I was reimbursed the cost of a new oem rear wheel.It sounds like your wheel is not stock,if not I would determine if it is similar in size to a stock wheel and run with that argument,good luck.
To start out with, I would approach the manager of the car wash and discuss it with him. See how it goes. (Your case would be stronger if you had noticed the damage before you left the premises, but you probably already figured that out.)

You should also know that you are only 50 miles from a highly-regarded wheel repair specialist, Wheel Collision Center in Bath. A lot of damaged wheels can be fixed and restored to like-new condition without having to pay anywhere near the cost of a new wheel.

(Funny coincidence that all three people who posted in this topic before me live in eastern Pennsylvania, within 100 miles of WCC... :) )