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Help with Dead Battery

17 July 2000
San Jose, CA
My battery had died while on a week long business trip, I had left the trunk lid unlatched and the trunk lamp ran the battery down. No problem, I'll just pull my other car up next to it and give it a jump!

My problem is when I attach the positive side of the jumper cable to the jumper posts on the engine compartment fuse box and the negative side to the post on the engine block next to the throttle body the alarm goes off after about 15 seconds!!

I tried using the key in the ignition, that doesn't disable the alarm, I tried it in the door lock and that doesn't work either!!

So I disconnect the jumper cables and the alarm dies off. I've tried several combinations of doorlock and ignition settings but I can't seem to jump start the car without setting off the alarm.

How can I jump start my car without pulling the battery out and charging it?

Any suggestions from the board??

Sorry about your problem. When I jumped my car I didn't attatch the negative to the block, but to the negative site on the fuse box. Have you tried that?
P.S. Are you going on the Pantera Club drive on the coast on the 28th?
Charge battery. Your alarm might be triggering from low voltage. If you put the alarm in valet mode and the voltage sags it will reset the alarm to active. Put your ground on the starter ground wire. That should minimize the drop to the rest of the system.
Never connect the negative battery to the post of the dead car. You can very probably "spike" your alternator doing this. Your alarm is going off because of the low voltage. Once connected to a good power supply or another car you should be ableto disarm it. Or try pulling the fuse for the alarm. That works also.