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Help with Flea Problem

21 September 2004
Costa Mexico, CA
Hey guys, My condo is FULL OF FLEAS!!! The previous owners had a dog so I am guessing that is where the fleas come from. My roommate (owner) does not really have the money to hire a professional service so we are pretty much using anything we can find off the shelf. We have tried fogging, the powdered stuff and a homemade brew. I read online where you can use boric and salt to dehydrate all the eggs and stuff. Luckily we do not have any furniture yet so its still open space. Any suggestions or ideas besides hiring the pros? 25 bite marks and counting!
:eek: :eek: The flea problem won't go away right away. Fleas lay tons of egg in their life cycle. Also fleas and their larve can lay dormant for years. Try the following. Use flea and insect spray on everything, available at Home Depot, Lowe's or any garden center. Spray carpets, flooring, furniture, etc. thoroughly and vaccuum daily. After about a week shampoo the carpets. Re-spray everything you sprayed the first time and continue to vaccuum daily. Also try taking B complex and I think B12 (not sure of exact number) vitamins and eat a lot of garlicy foods. Fleas don't like garlic. HTH :smile:
I had fleas in my old house. We could never get them to go away. Eventually, the only solution was moving.


when we moved into this house 7 years ago, it turned out the place was **infested** with fleas - the previous owners had two HUGE dogs and had tried everything to control the fleas.

within days of moving in, my wife's legs were being chewed to pieces, our two cats were scratching themselves so badly they were bleeding. our dog was going insane.

we had the carpets professionally cleaned. it dented the problem, but in <1 week, the fleas were back with a vengeance... they were just **cleaner** from the carpet shampooing :(

so we thought, why not call http://www.fleabusters.com again? they had taken care of our previous house and we never EVER had a problem again.

we did, they came out 3 days later, did their bit - 13k sf yard, 18 fruit trees and 2800 sf house - and ... problem solved **again**.

that was 7 yrs ago next month and we've never EVER had the problem - even *one* flea on our 2 cats or 2 dogs.

i would call them ab-so-lute-ly without hesitation!

good luck.

(edit: we do not use any other type of flea/pesticide on our property, period. we bathe our dogs maybe 1x per year and 1x every 4 yrs for the cats.)
Just don't use a microwave like Neo uses on his ants. It doesn't work. Besides, you don't want to take the risk of creating a super mutant flea. :biggrin:
White92 said:
Just don't use a microwave like Neo uses on his ants. It doesn't work.

Hilarious! Didn't he also post up the shark with lasers post too?

If fleabusters doesn't work, use some gas, apply generously throughout your home, and light your house on fire. :wink:

Seriously, get rid of those things ASAP. If you think fleas are pests, consider the multitude of additional pests they carry around too.
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Pickup some Frontline spray. Test for colorfastness on carpets on a small out of sight spot 1st (it's alcohol based & leaves a slight gummy residue). Vacuum well & dispose of bag. Spray all carpets & crevices. Repeat in 3-4 wks until all fleas are gone. This may take a while as larvae develop & existing eggs hatch. If you get one of the sprays with an adulticide & growth hormone too it would put a bigger dent in the eggs & larvae. Frontline is also devastating on yellowjackets. If possible, run a dehumidifier or a/c; fleas don't do well below 50% humidity.