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14 September 2000
folsom CA
Well I put on the Porterfields today and changed the Brake Fluid and Flushed the ABS system today.

I have a problem. When I first drove the car the Brakes were VERY mushy and I had to press HARD on the pedal to work..
Now the car brakes are mushy and they dont stop as fast..

any suggestions? or what? I also had the rotors turned.

Is there a break-in for the Pads?? or am I smoking crack?

'92 Sebring Silver NSX #181

Two possibilities:

1. When you first change all that stuff, brakes are ALWAYS very mushy. That's because you have to pump the brakes a few times to get the pistons to come out of the calipers and press against the pads.

2. If you've actually done more than just, say, go around the block, and they're still mushy, then it's possible there's air in the brake lines that you need to bleed.

Breaking in Porterfields are the same as most other brake pads. (1) Don't do any panic stops for the first couple of miles, to keep them from glazing over. (2) "Green pad syndrome." If you're going to the track, the first time you get them REALLY hot, they may fade big time. Bring the car into the pits and let them cool down a while. Your next session, it may or may not happen a second time. After you let them cool again, they shouldn't fade at all.


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