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Hilton Head Island Concours Nov 4-6

13 June 2020
My 1993 JDM NA1 is going to be on display at the Hilton Head Island Concours on Nov 5, 2022 in the special Wheels Of Japan exhibit during the Car Club Showcase. I know of one other NSX (yellow 98 supercharged) that is also in the exhibit. Anybody else exhibiting or just planning on attending? Maybe next year we need to get NSXCA Southeast to be one of the clubs participating in this showcase!
The HHI Concours sent out an email to their distribution list about How To Make The Most Of Your Weekend while at the event. Look at who they highlighted in the email. :D(y)

Short post-Concours review. There were three NSX in the Wheels of Japan exhibit: my JDM RHD NA1, a supercharged NA2, and a stock NA1. No NC1's. The SC NA2 took home a Crescent Award which is voted on by all the other exhibitors, and my JDM took home Best In Class - Japanese Sportscars from the Concours judges. Good showing for the NSX crowd!
Thanks for the update...any pics?
Thanks for the update...any pics?

Link to video of my award acceptance, and then full photo album (almost 500 pics).