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  • Hey John,

    What's cookin? Thought I'd see what going on in Raliegh with your group. Also is it getting close to NSXPO time? When you guys taking off. By the way, NSXs are really fast! I sure love the sound of that motor at around 5 grand on the tach. Man it is awesome and it can get you in troooooouuble, I've got to watch it or I'm gonna get a ticket. It is just so tempting to rev the car up and listen to that race car sound!!!!! AND MAN That's what it is - a race car! WOW. I'm just loving it. Not to mention they are so pretty. Let me hear from you my friend.
    Hey John! I just wanted to say thank you once again for the fender. it was great meeting you wife as well. Just an update, they have fitted the fender which fit perfectly, and now have filled the turn signal hole, welded the "tear". The fender is not getting sanded, the fiber glass filled here the signal was. Should be in epoxy prime by tomorrow.
    The rear fenders, hood, bumpers etc are back off the car and going into final primer tomorrow. They gave me back the spary down panel to make sure that is what I want for color.
    Sounds like they should be painting the car within next few weeks. We're getting close! I miss the car as it's been 5 months already.

    Just wanted to say hi and thank you. BTW, I will not be at the meet Saturday morning. Elizabeth and I have a prior commiment we have to attend.

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